Electric Storm: Pedigree, Khroma (fin), Thursday 12th (lat)
"Electric Storm: Pedigree, Khroma (fin), Thursday 12th (lat)"
Kuupäev: 11.05.2012
Kell: 21:00
Hind: 10 eur

PEDIGREE lajatab tuuri avapaugu Tapperis kodupublikule. Siinsele esmaettekandele tulevad kaks uut pala, nende seas "Learning to Die" millest saab esimene singlilugu uuelt albumilt. See on Pedigree ainuke laiv kodumaal enne uue plaadi ilmumist.

PEDIGREE "Maydays in the East" Tour 2012

11.05 Tapper, Tallinn, EST w/ Khroma, Thursday 12th
13.05 Pod Minoga, Poznan, PL w/ Dirge
14.05 Sepuvusi Skyle, Vilnius, LT w/ Dirge
16.05 Arktika, St. Petersburg, RUS w/ AmenRa, Dirge
17.05 Plan B, Moscow, RUS w/ AmenRa, Dirge
19.05 Melna Piektdiena, Riga, LV w/ Dirge, Talbot
20.05 Dom, Lodz, PL w/ Dirge
21.05 Club Havran, Prague, CZ w/ Dirge

KHROMA is a Helsinki-based metal/ambient/electro band. The music of
Khroma can be defined through beautiful atmospherics, ambiences and
melodies, down-tuned metal riffing, contemporary dubstep and drum'n
bass beats and the unmistakable howling of lead vocalist Riku
Rinta-Seppälä. Lyrically the band contemplates contemporary
environmental and socio-economical issues. In other words: Fight the

Khroma released their first album as a free digital download in
October 2011. They embarked then on a tour in Finland and in the
Baltic countries. The band is operating outside the corporate music
industry, and does everything from recording to distributing their
music without major label support. Khroma's second album will be
released in July, 2012.

The members of Khroma band have been around in the Finnish rock scene
for over a decade and been active in such bands as April, Murena,
Collarbone, Killpretty and Downbound.

Khroma line-up: Riku Rinta-Seppälä, vocals & electronics; Janne
Aulavuori, vocals & guitars, Mikko Merilinna, guitars & keys, Maarik
Leppä, bass; Antti Honka, drums & visuals

Khroma links:
Album download & streaming@Soundcloud:www.soundcloud.com/khromaband

Khroma debut album teaser video (Vimeo): http://vimeo.com/30150402

Khroma tour dates 2011-2012

04/08/11 Helsinki (FI), Semifinal
22/09/11 Helsinki (FI), DOM
14/10/11 Jyvaskyla (FI), Pub Katse
20/10/11 Kokkola (FI), The Rock
21/10/11 Vaasa (FI), Happy Barrel
22/10/11 Oulu (FI), Hevimesta
11/11/11 Klaipeda (LT), Roxy
12/11/11 Riga (LV), Depo
09/12/11 Lappeenranta (FI), Lucky Monkey

23/02/12 Jelgava (LV), MC Balerija
25/02/12 Riga (LV), Nabaklab
25/02/12 Riga (LV), Melna Piektdiena
12/04/12 Pori (FI), Bar Kino
19/04/12 Helsinki (FI), Semifinal
20/04/12 Loimaa (FI), Bar Edgar
21/04/12 Porvoo (FI), Bar Soho
28/04/12 Helsinki (FI), Green Room
11/05/12 Tallinn (EE), Club Tapper
12/05/12 Riga (LV), Melna Piektdiena
21/09/12 Valga (EE), Rockiklubi

More dates to be announced.

THURSDAY 12TH is full of relentless energy and power. They are from Riga. Their music is math/metalcore with a lot of charisma. They say:
Not Friday 13th, but Thursday 12th, is the hazard date!! You don’t
know what the fuck to expect from the next day, so feel the adrenaline
running though your veins. Who we are: Probably the best alternative
metal band from Baltic states =]. Short info: Founded in 2003 autumn
in Riga. More than 200 shows, Studio album „Fool’s Gold”, 5 vids,
acoustic program,Co-project with Vāris Vētra , Projects with hip-hop
DJ Aspirins & Industrial Dj GodSlaveUs, live shows with dance crew
„BuaBuaBua”. And now we are working on new album and new vids...

Bands we played with:
Brian "HEAD" Welch (ex-KORN) (USA) , CALIBAN (DE) , STIGMATA (RU) ,
Dead Lock (DE) , Weedeater (USA) , AMATORY (RU) , SLOT (RU) , Insane
(Hu) , Tracktor Bowling (RU) , Blind MySelf (HU) , Animal Jazz (RU) ,
My Ocean (BLR) , Checkpoint Charlie (Hu) , Insense (Swe) , Deep Inside
(Fin) , Loxodrome (Aus) , Grace Will Fall (Swe) , Waterdown (Ger) ,
New DeadLine (FIN), Mimicry (Est) , Piendevēju Piedzīvojumi (Lv) ,
Skyforger (Lv) , Gacho (Lv) , F[ei]K (Lv) , Sanctimony (Lv) , Enhet
(Lv) , Trendkill Method (Lv) , Linga (Lv) , Tesa (Lv) , Sidemind (Lv)
, Soundarcade (Lv) , BNB (Lv) , Freelancers (Lv) and many many more....

2004 - Demo "Education"
2005 - EP SIngle "The Distance"
2007 - Single "Runaway"
2008 - Single "Pasties"
2008 - "Runaway" music video
2009 - "Pasties" music video
2009 - First album "Fool's Gold"
2010 - Gacho feat. THUrsday 12th "Mans Lielais Singls" music video
2011 - First single "New Beginning" from the 2nd album
2012 winter - 2nd album release

Electric Storm: Pedigree, Khroma (fin), Thursday 12th (lat)
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