Kathaarsys (spa)
"Kathaarsys (spa)"
Kuupäev: 05.06.2012
Kell: 20:00
Hind: 3 eur

Kathaarsys on tagasi! Hispaaniast pärit progressiivset black metalit ja rocki mängiv power-duo jõuab Tapperisse 2012 pool aastat väldanud "Rara Vez" tuuri raames, bänd ise räägib oma tegemistest nii:

We just release the Book/DVD/CD “The Concept – Live at Capitol” and in Jannuary 2012 “Kathaarsys’s Rara Vez” album will be out! The present tour contains a special show based in the conceptual fusion of the new experimental album “Rara Vez” and the book “The Concept” which offers us a revelation of the most impenetrable meanings of Kathaarsys.

Kathaarsys’s Rara Vez is a thematic and audiovisual performance, with one hour and a half of minimum length. The show is composed by “Live at Capitol” and “Kathaarsy’s Rara Vez” tracks, and includes Voice, Electric Guitar, Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Bass. An amazing videocreation completes the show.

Kathaarsys is a consolidated international band, with four studio albums and one Live DVD/CD.The band also have a really impressive trajectory of concerts: 10 long tours around whole Europe, one American tour, Open Air Festivals in different countries and several peninsular tours (Spain & Portugal).

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Kathaarsys (spa)
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