Pigfarm Music esitleb: TMW2013
"Pigfarm Music esitleb: TMW2013"
Kuupäev: 06.04.2013
Kell: 19:00
Hind: 5 / 7 eur

4.-6. aprillil 2013 toimub viiendat korda festival Tallinn Music Week. Tegemist on talendi esitlusfestivali ning konverentsiga, mille eesmärgiks on näidata kodupublikule põnevaimat ja aktuaalseimat Eesti muusikat ning tutvustada meie parimaid artiste ka rahvusvahelisele muusikatööstusele ning muusikapressile.

Tallinn Music Week 2013 / Pigfarm Music Showcase:

20:00 Project Dekadenz
20:45 Emerald
21:30 Burn Still
22:15 Of Roofs, Genes and Stolen Meanings
23:00 Who Framed Roger Moore?



Project Dekadenz is aggressively flickering flame among social problems. Our aim is to seed society's heart with rebellious fetus. Just as we support primitive society, we make corresponding music. Fast, agressive and primitive 'in your face' tactic could cause you an heart attack and thus makes the rythm drabbling and raunchy as it is appropriate to d-beat.


Emerald, from Viljandi, Estonia, was first formed back in 2008, but the real activity started in January 2009. After a month of rehearsals, Emerald played their first show in Viljandi city band contest and won the event. FIrst EP "How About Discount?" was released in February 2010, (Self-released, DIY CD-R.) mixed and mastered in Sweden by Dino Medanhodzic. 2011 saw Emerald playing many shows and festivals incl. Gadi Festival (Lithuania) and Hard Rock Laager (Estonia). In October, first single “WWIII” was relased. In November 2011 we had a small Baltic Tour in Latvia and Estonia (5 days) with Enhet (LV) and Re-armed (FIN). After months of planning we finally made our first European Tour in June 2012. The 2 week Tour included countrys like: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium and Netherlands. Summer saw appearances at Fonofest (LV) and Rock Ramp Festival (EE). Emerald are currently hard at work with their debut album "KHARON".


Burn Still are just 5 dudes who have been making this band over half a decade. They don't label their music, they just want to make some heavy and brutal tunes. Earsplitting growls, aggressive drumming, fast guitar riffs and a heavy dose of breakdowns! Having released 3 records, featured in many international compilations and been performing in Scandinavia and Baltics, Burn Still is still working hard to get their music noticed and promoting Estonian heavy music wherever their sound reaches. A must-see live band.


Young, cynical, low, caustic, angry, diverse, neurotic, gripping, ironic, implacable, chaotic, from the streets of Tartu, One: Life to Learn. The bands goal is to always create the best songs they can and to stay as much down to Earth as possible while doing it. They have always tried to find new listeners, who would enjoy their music and be motivated by it. Everything they do is to serve this goal. To do that they've written and self-recorded their debut-album, filmed and edited their first video by themselves with support from friends. Their debut album was voted metal album of the year 2012 by listeners of Radio 2 Metallion show.


Who Framed Roger Moore? is a brand new pretentious metal music project from Estonia. A synergistic pop culture phenomenon which was born out of an inner necessity. Musician Margo "Marx" Rindemaa, known from many alternative rock bands like Against The Day, Pedigree etc., decided in 2011 that current boundaries have become confined. Having involved the legendary death-vocalist Andrus Kuus (Fortfeit, Khillem etc.), Marx delved into the finer details of groove-metal. The result being an unusual, ghostly production with meaningful song lyrics, juicy performance and a nostalgic atmosphere of a 90s extreme metal band. The other members of WFRM? are Rainer Meinart (Revolver, Decode etc.) on drums and Jan Talts (Solwaig, Khillem, Forgotten Sunrise etc.) on bass guitar. The debut album "Woman With a Distortion Stompbox" came out at the beginning of last year.

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Ukselt pilet 7€

Vaata ka: www.tmw.ee

Pigfarm Music esitleb: TMW2013
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