GORESOERD uue albumi
"GORESOERD uue albumi "Asülum" esitlus / The Dead & Distorted Tour 2013"
Kuupäev: 20.09.2013
Kell: 20:00
Hind: 4/6

20.September "Tapper" Tallinn



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GORESOERD (Deathschool Estonia)

Goresoerd's music has been described as an eclectic feast with influences varying from mainstream rock to crust hardcore and death metal.
Hyper-driven and entertaining live shows combined with professional dedication have rewarded the band with many great opportunities across the border (Tuska Open Air 2011, mini-tour with Tukkanuotta in Finland) and regular live performances at the biggest local heavy music events (Hard Rock Laager, Rabarock, Rock Ramp). Goresoerd's music video for the song "Kuningas Direktor" was voted no.8 in the list of best Estonian music videos of 2012 after being on air for 16 weeks in a row on national television's popular show "Eesti Top 7". 


CHURCH OF THE DEAD (Finnish Death Metal)

Church of the Dead is Finnish old school death metal band with real punk attitude, crushing d-beats and twisted sense of morbid humour. Bands like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Necrophagia, Napalm Death and Autopsy are not only familiar to the band in the pathological sense – ’cause
that’s what the band is all about. Members of the Church have proven their skills during the last decade in bands like GAF, De Lirium’s Order, Ghoul Patrol, The Undivine, Gorephilia, Lithuria, Temples and Dead Shape Figure.


MÖRBID VOMIT (Finnish Death Metal)

Mörbid Vomit is a Finnish gut-ripping, blood-spilling death metal band founded in early 2012. Mörbid Vomit is heavily influenced by the swedish death metal scene e.g. bands like Entombed, Vomitory, Bloodbath, Dismember, etc. Mörbid Vomit cooks it's gore with vigorously crushing riffs with oppressive atmosphere. 



Burn Still are just 5 dudes who have been making this band over half a decade. They don’t label their music, they just want to make some heavy and brutal tunes. Earsplitting growls, aggressive drumming, fast guitar riffs and a heavy dose of breakdowns! Having released 3 records, featured in many international compilations and been performing in Scandinavia and Baltics, Burn Still is still working hard to get their music noticed and promoting Estonian heavy music wherever their sound reaches. A must-see live band.


Goresoerd will be presenting their new full length album "ASÜLUM" scheduled to be released in the beginning of September.
Both Church Of The Dead and Mörbid Vomit have been highly praised by the metal press and Finnish crowds. Mörbid Vomit is going to release 'I Breathe Hell' in August and Church Of The Dead 'Vol 3. Rave To The Grave' in September.

GORESOERD uue albumi
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