Pigfarm Festival 2015 feat. BORN FROM PAIN (NED) jpt.
"Pigfarm Festival 2015 feat. BORN FROM PAIN (NED) jpt."
Kuupäev: 21.02.2015
Kell: 18:00
Hind: 15

Veebruari eelviimasel laupäeval (21.02.) toimub klubis Tapper aasta üks suurimaid üritusi hardcore ja metal maastikul - omanimelise festivaliga tähistab seitsmendat tegutsemisaastat Pigfarm Music. Peaesineja on esmakordselt Eestit külastav Hollandi tuntumaid metal/hardcore gruppe BORN FROM PAIN. Kokku esineb festivalil 6 bändi kolmest riigist.
Limiteeritud kogus sooduspiletid on VÄLJA MÜÜDUD! . Täispiletid on müügil festivalipäeval ukselt 15€ eest. 

Esinejate nimistu:


BORN FROM PAIN was founded in the early summer of '97, as one of the early European bands to play a crossover/metalcore brand of heavy music. BORN FROM PAIN grew up in a musical environment of mid-80’s Bay Area and German trash metal and NY hardcore, 90’s Florida and Birmingham death metal, NYC crossover and US/European metalcore. Bands like Merauder, Stigmata, Earth Crisis, All Out War, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Integrity, Testament, Slayer, early Agnostic Front and Crumbsuckers were of infinite influence on members as the fuse was lit that summer…and for many years to come! 

In the near 10 years of their existence BORN FROM PAIN have been mostly on the road and working hard to get noticed. Getting noticed started to happen fast. After releasing their first mcd “Immortality” in 1999, the band quickly followed up with their first full-length cd “Reclaiming The Crown” in 2000. Numerous support and headline shows followed. 2002 saw the release of the band’s second full-length “Sands Of Time” that received tremendous feedback everywhere and got the band to a new level. Again, extensive touring with the likes of Hatebreed, Madball and Resistance Tour, to name a few, followed. The year 2004 saw the band embark on overseas tours in the US and Japan. Also the attention from bigger labels was drawn and in the year 2005 the follow-up to “Sands Of Time”, “In Love With The End” was released on Metal Blade Records. 1,5 Years of non-stop touring alongside bands like e.g. Hatebreed, Napalm Death, Six Feet Under followed, just like appearances at festivals like Wacken Open Air, With Full Force Open Air, Waldrock Festival, Pressure Fest, Hell Fest and numerous other bigger and smaller festivals all over Europe, as well as touring South America.

Over the years the sound of BORN FROM PAIN has always kept it’s trademarks and backbone intact; brutal groove, murderous fast riffing and a feeling for the most aggressive breakdowns.


Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, the band started regular rehearsals in January of 2006, quickly establishing themselves in the Estonian metal / hardcore scene with their explosive live sets. Winning band contests and playing at the biggest festivals with big name bands at home, Burn Still are becoming more and more known outside Estonia as well. Performing at Sweden’s premium hardcore festival “Deadfest” in 2007, winning a voting contest to be the opening band for Parkway Drive’ 2008 Helsinki concert in Finland and with numerous gigs in Latvia under their belt, the five piece are hungering for more havoc on stage and in the pit.

Bands they have shared the stage with: Parkway Drive (AUS), Soilwork (SWE), Raunchy (DEN), Vader (POL), War From a Harlots Mouth (GER), Angelreich (POL), In Blood We Trust (GER), Six Ft Ditch (UK), Have Heart (US), Ignite (US), Death Before Dishonor (US), and many more.


Bloodlands is a hardcore/metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The band was formed in 2012 when members of Ratface, No One Is Safe (RIP), Väistä! and 53STABWOUNDS started rehearsing together. The style was clear from the start: to combine the best elements of both hardcore and death metal.

Each member of the band has a long history in the Finnish hardcore scene so despite being a rather new band, the members know how to handle their instruments and produce the kind of music they want. In 2013 Bloodlands was ready to start recording their first full length. The outcome: Nihilistic Dimension CD that was released by the band itself in August 2014.

Bloodlands has already played shows with variety of Finnish bands and also shared the stage with foreign acts such as 100 Demons (USA) and Providence (FRA). The band continues to compose new music and wreak havoc on stages in Finland and the rest of the world.


No Second Thought from Harjavalta, Finland formed in 2009. Band has played many shows and appeared in festivals (Ieper Fest, Filled With Hate Fest), tours (Crowd Deterrent and Cold Existence, Dance With The Devil Tour with Born From Pain, First Blood and Desolated) and warmup-gigs ie. for Biohazard and Bulldoze. NSF have released: Six Pack Of Street Violence (3-way split Tritonus Records), Against The Odds 2012 (self released), Dead Giveaway Mental Breakdown (OneLife OneCrew Records 2014) and 7" EP Better Days Ahead (Demons Run Amok 2014)

No Second Thought will continue making new tunes and touring around Europe in 2015.


In 2011 Skot, Ilya and Henri got together to play some fast and angry music mixed with punky riffs. After a short while they recorded their first demo songs. In Spring of 2012 band members had to go separate ways and leave the band behind, but in the beginning of 2013 they reunited and recorded 2 new songs (Full Of Shit, Stake In Your Head). In autumn 2013 they got their song "Mind Corrosion" released on compilation album "Thrashin' Over The Baltics" that packed 18 songs in total from various bands all over from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Also in 2014 they went on tour to Lithuania and Belarus. During June 2014 Georgi Maksimov (guitar and vocals) had to leave the band, so two guys , Dmitri Karasyov as a guitarist and Erik Hallik as a vocalist, joined the band. Right now the band is getting ready to release their first EP.


Pigfarm Festival 2015 feat. BORN FROM PAIN (NED) jpt.
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